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At Fitzroy Dental, we take pride in offering high quality dental services. We cater to many of your dental needs in one location. We focus on what makes your mouth healthy and strive to help you achieve your optimal dental health. We are committed to the latest conservative restorative techniques and cosmetic procedures. We can offer from simple preventive treatments to more complex procedure like orthodontics, aligners and surgical procedures like implants and wisdom teeth extractions. Our staff engages in continuing education courses to ensure we are up to date with modern technology and treatments.

We understand how important your dental health is to your overall health. We strive for a holistic attitude to dentistry – we offer a comprehensive individualised approach with a range of personalised treatment options to facilitate your dental needs utilising the latest technology to ensure optimum oral health.

The core of our focus is on Prevention and treatment of oral diseases, Minimally Invasive restorative technique providing dentistry to the highest quality, a well aligned dentition that is aesthetic and functional and in keeping with your overall health.

Situated in Melbourne’s famous local cafés strip of Brunswick street, and backing into St Vincent’s Hospital, the grand iconic building of the former Westminster Hotel, built around the turn of the century has been transformed into Fitzroy Dental practice. Whilst maintaining the classic architectural beauty, a reminder of the Grandescent Victorian era, the interior is renovated and equipped with the latest technology from intraoral cameras through to scanners and digital imaging, a blend of classic and new modern.

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