Traditional braces – rely on individualised customised brackets which ensure faster and better outcomes than previous metal braces. Improved technologies have created brackets that are less bulky and more efficient. The braces are metal or tooth coloured options ( clear brackets) area also available. The duration of braces depends on the particular severity and the complexity involved. 

All these techniques have advantages and disadvantages and we are happy to offer you a consultation to discuss your particular case to best suit your needs. 


The general dental practitioner is in a fantastic position to deliver efficient and effective orthodontic treatment that forms a part of a holistic approach to a patient’s general dental health and thus overall health. If a patient for example has lost a tooth and the other teeth have collapse into that space, this is no longer in an ideal position to place an implant. Orthodontics can be used to align the teeth into a more ideal occlusion, regain the space lost and then create an ideal environment for implant placement.

At Fitzroy Dental we are so passionate about Orthodontics as it has opened endless possibilities that otherwise would not be available. The general practitioner with orthodontic understanding is in a perfect position to orchestrate this, stage treatment is an appropriate manner and thus without having to send the patient to specialist and hence reduce the overall cost of treatment to the patient. Orthodontics provides aesthetic but also provides better function for the patient. When the bite is well balanced and in harmony with the face, proper health can be establish for the teeth, gums, temporomandibular jaw joints and oro-facial musculature. Incorrect or poor bite have impacted on the long term health of the oral environment and has been associated with chronic diseases such as excessive wear and severely worn down dentition, gum disease, oro-facial pain, mouth-breathing issues and sleep apnoea. By having an understanding of orthodontics Dr Tran is better able to service the needs of  patients, educate them, diagnose problems for them and provide a more in-depth overall treatment plan individually tailored to their needs to establish an outcome that is both functional and has aesthetic appeal. 

It is never too late to receive orthodontic treatment as 20% of orthodontic patient are adults.