70-80% of all wisdom teeth require removal. Some wisdom teeth erupt and are useful while some can be retained as they are hidden under the gums and cause no harm. However, when there is insufficient space in your mouth for wisdom teeth to erupt adequately the wisdom teeth become problematic, collecting plaque, causing swelling and pain, and in many cases resulting in severe damage to the adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth may only partly erupt because of this, they may be angulated in the most unusual angles and have been known to create pressure and crowding of the teeth affect the prognosis of other teeth. Hence wisdom teeth are often or prophylactically removed to preventive potential problems. 

For severely decaying or impacted teeth, like wisdom teeth, we offer simple and surgical tooth extractions in the least traumatic way to improve your oral health and smile.

At Fitzroy Dental, we can remove these teeth without the expense of specialist referral.

To discuss your case and prevent further pain and problems you may be experiencing from your wisdom teeth, please call (03) 9417 1543 for an appointment.