Maintaining regular dental care during childhood is paramount, as this leads to healthier teeth and smile into adulthood. Children who experience a positive dental experience have been found to grow up with a positive attitude towards dental treatment and hence no dental phobia and tends not to ore dental treatments. Early assessment will allow us to examine for un-treated decay, growth related issues, more complex developmental and facial issues of airway obstruction, sleep apnoea.

It allows us to focus on preventative measure for children like protective sealants, fluoride application, assessing good oral care, mouth-guard protection for sports and assessing for early signs of dental malalignment and assessment for early interventive orthodontic treatment.

At Fitzroy Dental, we offer Medicare Bulkbill for children aged between 2-17 years old.

The federal government contributes up to $1000 per child over two consecutive years, which covers general and preventative dental treatments including examinations, radiogeaphs, cleaning, fissure sealants, fillings, extractions, as well as other dental services. To see if you are eligible, please call us with your Medicare number and we can assist you.